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Skilled interns business in Japan is the main business of the company. Over the years, the business has maintained a steady development and and has been ranked among the top of the country's expatriate enterprises, with an annual number of more than 1000 expatriates, a total of more than 30,000 dispatched and more than 3000 expatriates at the end of each year. the types of dispatch involve mechanical processing, plastic forming, electronic and electrical, construction, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, printing and printing. Dry cleaning, logistics, agriculture and etc.

As the governing unit of the Sino-Japanese Research and Training Co-operation Agency, the company plays an active role in the business of developing Sino-Japanese skilled interns.  Due to the company's standardized management and high-quality service, the skilled interns sent to Japan did excellent performance.They have been highly praised by the receiving groups and enterprises in Japan. The SIU has been rated by the relevant Japanese government departments as one of the best companies in the dispatch companies of skilled interns from various countries to Japan.  

The company has offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Shimonoseki and other places with 8 permanent representatives. It is specially responsible for the service management of skilled interns, covering all areas of Japan. It regularly visits the receiving enterprises, portfolios and skilled interns, actively safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of expatriates, coordinates all aspects of relations, and timely discovering and solving problems. The company's rigorous and responsible management style has been repeatedly led by envoys stationed in Japan. Praise of the Library and the Competent Authorities of the Two Countries


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