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  • Our company cooperates with dozens of Japanese public universities, private universities, short-term universities, specialized schools, language schools and so on to carry out overseas study. For students of different levels of Japanese, we will conduct Japanese language training for 3-5 months before studying abroad. In accordance with the student’s actual situation, we develop a detailed study abroad program. The professional team adheres to the principle of “credit first, service first” and maintains a 100% visa rate for many years, which has won wide acclaim from students and parents.

    Low cost, suitable for domestic wage earners. The average annual tuition fee is about 40,000 to 50,000 RMB. Most students can earn living expenses and tuition fees through legal work.

    There are many famous universities, and the professional settings are more meticulous and scientific. For example: mechanical engineering, computer engineering, nanomaterials, electrical and electronic engineering, animation, video communication, industrial design, garden design, biopharmaceutical, personal image design, care for welfare, wedding Planning and other majors  which are more in line with the current needs of enterprise development and more convenient for college students to obtain employment. Many majors are not yet open in domestic colleges and universities, but the domestic employment trend is promising and the professionals in the industry are scarce.

    The Japanese diploma is highly recognized internationally. The number of foreign universities recognized by the Foreign-related Regulatory Network of the Ministry of Education of China is 742, it is only a little less than the USA.

    Scholarships, almost all students can receive scholarships provided by the government, consortiums, etc.

    With perfect legal system and good public order, Japan has been rated by tourists as one of the best countries in social security. All international students have joined the National Health Insurance (NHI) at a low cost and can enjoy a 70% reduction in the cost of treatment.

  • Australian study environment introduction

    Australia has always been one of the most popular countries for Chinese students among many other countries.It is also recognized as one of the most diversified and friendly countries in the world. Australia has a population of about 23 million and uses more than 260 languages,in addition to English, the most common are Chinese(Mandarin and Cantonese), Italian, Arabic and Greek. Because of this, everyone in Australia is more or less exposed to one or two foreign languages.

    Australia has a vast territory and a sparse population .In the impressions of tourists from all over the world, Australia has always been a country with a beautiful natural scenery. In fact, not only that, but Australia also has world-class infrastructure.

    With these unique advantages,in the recent “World's Happiest Country”, Australia ranked fourth, behind Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

    Australia offers a wide range of study programs for international students, with more than 1,200 institutions and more than 22,000 courses to choose from. Students can receive a variety of levels of education, such as primary and secondary schools, English courses, vocational education and training (VET), higher educations. Students can study for a bachelor's degree or take a short-term study. During the study of any courses, Australian law will guarantee international students access to quality education and appropriate protection.

    Reasons for studying in Australia:

    Reasonable Costs

    Australia is more cost effective than other English-speaking countries. As the third most suitable country for human habitation in the world, Australia has a high standard of living, and there are relatively few preparatory funds that students need to prepare.

    Language Support

    Courses based on the needs of students are equipped with language assistance.It is easy for students to learn the skills and improve their English, successfully get a degree certificate from Australia.

    Working legally

    Students with a student visa can work legally to subsidize some of the expenses in living in Australia.


    Australia is recognized as one of the safest and most friendly countries to study in the world. The crime rate in Australia is low and the number of traffic-related deaths is lower than the world average.

  • 1. First-class education level

    This is Canada's most attractive advantage for overseas students. Canada is one of the few countries in the world with the most complete education system and the highest level of education, especially in the business and engineering .

    2. Reasonable Expenses for Studying Abroad

    While guaranteeing the quality of education, Canadian universities charge slightly less for overseas students than other Western countries. Compared with the four popular English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK and Australia), the tuition fees in Canada are reasonable and quite low.

    3. Government invests in education industry

    The Canadian government attaches great importance to investment in education, and Canada's annual education funding is as high as 7.1% of gross domestic product (GDP).

    4. Relaxation of visa policy for studying abroad

    Recent student visas issued by the Canadian Embassy have been issued for three, four or even five years at a time.It avoids a lot of cumbersome things to renew the contract.

    5. Encourage the oversea students to immigrate after graduation.

    Under Canada's immigration law, international students can stay in Canada for three years after earning a Canadian degree. After one year, they can apply for Canadian immigration or obtain permanent resident status, which is not available in many other countries.

    6. A safe and comfortable social and studying environment

    Canada is known for its social security, justice and peace. Unlike its southern neighbour, the United States, Canada imposes strict controls on firearms. Its one-year crime rate is equivalent to the one-month crime rate in the United States.

    7. The most livable country

    According to the UN's assessment, Canada has been rated as the most livable country in the world for many years.

    8. Bordering the United States

    Canada and the United States have reciprocal and relatively free entry and exit relationships, which is beneficial to the international students' qualifications to be widely recognized by countries all over the world, especially the United States. This will create a very favorable condition for students to work in the United States.


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