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Shandong International United Cooperation Corp., Ltd.

  • Shandong International United Cooperation Corporation Ltd. was authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of China, and registered at the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Shandong Province in 2001, with its headquarter located in the Building No.8, Shuntai Square, High-tech development zone, Jinan City.With more than ten years’endeavor, the company has developed into a enterprise group, including six companies and two training schools, with registered capital of RMB 110 million Yuan.  

    Its major business covers international labor service cooperation,elite oversea employment, work practice for university students, training for study abroad, immigration, private entry and exit, project investment and business investigation, Overseas talents and project introduction and incubation, job training, School enterprise cooperation, International Trade, Venue rental services etc.

    At present, the company has establish oversea branches, offices and liaison offices in Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia and other countries, specially responsible for the company's oversea liaison. 

    Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the guidance of the foreign economic and trade development policy of Shandong provincial commissions and provincial governments, relying on Shandong Province's superior geographical position and abundant human resources, depending on a composite professional team with rich experience in international labor cooperation and international trade, and adhered to the principle of "standardized management, high-quality service and support". With the aim of "Continuous Development", we have established extensive international cooperation relations with Japan, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions, formed a good business network and achieved rapid, stable and sustainable development. 

    The company has been keeping its excellent performance for many years and designated as a demonstration unit by the credit system of the Ministry of Commerce of the State, awarded the "AAA credit rating title of the national foreign labor service cooperative enterprise" by the Chinese Association of Foreign Contractors, awarded the provincial "contract-abiding and credit-abiding" unit by the Shandong Industry and Commerce Bureau, and awarded the A-level tax credit by the Jinan Tax Bureau. The company also is the vice president unit of Shandong Foreign Contracted Labor Chamber of Commerce and the director unit of Jinan Outward Contracted Labor Enterprise Alliance. In 2018, the company was elected as the vice chairman of the Sino-Japanese Institute for Research and Student Cooperation, and was named as the top ten Sino-Japanese Skills Practice Cooperation Enterprises in 2017.

  • Japanese skills intern business is the main focus of the company. Over the years, the business has maintained a steady development, ranking in the forefront of the country's expatriate enterprises, with an annual number of more than 1000 expatriates, a total of more than 30,000 dispatched and more than 3000 expatriates at the end of each year; the types of dispatch involve mechanical processing, plastic forming, electronic and electrical, construction, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, printing and printing. Dry cleaning, logistics, agriculture and so on.


  • Taking high-quality vocational training as an important foundation of international human resources services, the company has established vocational training schools and an international skill training center which licensed by the education department. The school has two locations one is in Jinan High-tech Zone and the other is in Zhangqiu District respectively. It is the skill practice base of Jinan Labor Service Enterprise Alliance and the expatriate workers information reserve center in Jinan City.  Zhangqiu Training Center covers an area of 76,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 23,000 square meters. It consists of nine buildings, includes office building, comprehensive service building, teaching building, student apartment building, reception and registration center, expatriate workers information reserve center, expert building, export processing practice workshop and public bathroom. With the equipment and facilities of theoretical training classroom, library, audio-visual classroom, conference room, multi-functional hall, training base, physical training field and restaurant, it is the largest expatriate labor skill training center in Shandong Province, which can undertake training for more than 1000 people at one time.

    In recent years, the company continuing to do well in pre-job training, language training and retraining for expatriate workers after returning to China, the company has cooperated strongly with Jinan Employment Enterprise Alliance and domestic vocational training institutions to build skills training, vocational qualification training and examination, orientation training. Integrated integrated vocational skills training center.

    In the future development, the company will focus on international human resources service and foreign labor service cooperation, we also constantly seeking human resources cooperation and development, and effectively provide high-level foreign communication and cooperation, personnel training, import and export trade, investment attraction etc. We will strive to achieve a high level and distinctive foreign economic and technical cooperation company in Shandong Province, and make positive contributions to the development of Shandong's export-oriented economy.


  • The European department of the company is composed of a professional team, who has been engaged in recruiting and training the cooks for oversea catering, and in doing working visa application for a long time. All the key team members have over 10 years knowledge and experience in this domain. The company has two offices filled with full-time employees in Europe that provides one stop services of oversea employment, family member visa application and family reunion for the cooks. For more than 10 years, an accumulative total of over 500 cooks and their families have obtained employment and family visas in Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Finland and other countries. In a peak year, more than 100 cases succeeded.

    The European department of the company adheres to the service concept of customer first, by monitoring the development and demands of the market, to provide employers with reasonable employment panning and to introduce qualified cooks, based on the styles and features of the restaurants. This promotes and popularizes the delicious taste of Asian cuisine, and enhances the cooperation and friendship between the catering industry and local people from all walks of life. The department has resolved various employment contradictions effectively and efficiently, by keeping communicating constantly through the network and European office staff’s periodic visits on sites. That makes the company being praised from both employers and employees.

    In the purpose of continuously improve the skill and adaptability of the cooks, and expand the scale and the number of oversea employments, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic vocational colleges, cuisine associations, Chinese restaurants and Japanese restaurants. They select Chinese cuisine cooks and train Japanese cuisine cooks all year around. We do our every effort to introduce more and better qualified personnel for the Asian catering industry in European countries.


  • The company's international talents exchange business mainly involves Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other countries. At present, its main business includes: Japanese elite employment and study abroad, Singapore employment, New Zealand employment, Australian study-employment-immigration one-stop service, Canada immigration and study abroad etc. As the main implementing agency of "Shandong University Students Overseas Employment Service Center", the company is committed to promoting and developing the overseas employment service of high-end human resources, such as overseas employment and internship of University students, overseas employment of professional talents, etc. It actively carries out cooperation with schools and enterprises at home and abroad, and directional training of professional talents, etc.


  • The company's international trade department is located in of Qingdao. The team has more than ten years experience in import and export trade. Familiar with foreign policies and regulations, all of team members have rich experience in market analysis and keen business insight, the scope of the business covers Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Middle East etc. with fine chemicals as the main products.

    For the past years, the company ‘s international trade business is constantly growing. We adhering to the tenet of survival by quality and development by reputation, developing in the fierce market competition, cooperating sincerely with domestic and foreign companies, actively developing domestic and foreign markets, and realizing pluralism, globalization and comprehensive development.



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