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Several College Students Successfully Got Their Working Visa

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Our company's high-end projects are constantly rewarding. Recently, a number of college students have successfully applied for employment visas.

This company is our long-term cooperation partner, it is a metal processing enterprises, this employment is based on the cooperation of interns for high-end employment of College students, engaged in production management and customer relationship maintenance.


With the recovery of Sino-Japanese relations and the increasing demand for high-end talents in Japan, the employment market of university students in Japan has broad prospects. Depending on the high-quality platform of Shandong University Students Overseas Employment Service Center, our company has established long-term cooperation with high-quality universities in and outside Shandong Province. Through school-enterprise cooperation and other ways, we can select excellent university graduates for overseas employment, which not only solves the employment problems of some college students, but also improves individuals working skill through overseas employment and laid a good foundation for future development in China or for further study abroad.


All of the students in this project are employed by our long time cooperate company. With the development of the company, the lacking of high-end talents, especially those who understand management become more and more obvious. Our company keenly grasped the pain points of customers, actively proposed solutions for recruiting talents, and successfully recruited excellent management talents for customers. After successfully applying for visa application procedures, it is expected to go to Japan on November 7.

The customer is satisfied with the company's rapid response and hopes we can continue to provide quality talents and look forward to cooperate with the company.

The SIU as a senior company of expatriate Japanese skills interns, has been innovating and reforming in recent years, striving to provide customers with comprehensive talent solutions and providing customers with better service, and building a bridge to a happy life for outstanding talents.

Choosing the SIU is choosing a successful avenue. “Happiness is on the way“ is our slogan, it is also the goal we are working hard for.

Shandong international united cooperation corporation LTD. is a comprehensive service provider of excellent talents.


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